Unlike Human hospitals, Veterinary hospitals are not required by law to maintain any accreditation status. American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Accreditation is entirely voluntary and only about 12% of vet clinics in North America are AAHA accredited.

Accreditation through AAHA ensures that a veterinary clinic is operating at the highest standards of excellence in pet care. Both veterinarians and pet owners know that pets at an AAHA accredited practice receive the highest quality of care from a well-trained, professional veterinary team.

AAHA is respected internationally for its dedication to professional development, its hospital accreditation standards, and the excellence of its education programs. Accreditation is voluntary for veterinary clinics. Practices are evaluated against a set of over 900 standards that represent best practices in veterinary care and hospital management. A task force of veterinary professionals created and continually update the standards to reflect the latest developments and improvements in patient care, surgery, medical records, cleanliness, staff safety, leadership, and a host of other areas essential to excellent patient care. All AAHA accredited practices are required to make improvements and upgrades as standards change and are re-evaluated every 3 years. This ensures that every AAHA-accredited practice follows the more current thinking about what is considered the best for the health and medical care of your pet.

Practice owner, Dr. Rebecca Korven, set a goal for the clinic to achieve accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association when she opened the clinic in 2008. The staff worked very hard as a team to prepare for accreditation. They developed and adopted stringent hospital cleaning and maintenance protocols, wrote a comprehensive staff manual, ordered new equipment, and wrote and implemented additional clinic protocols.

In May 2010, Celtic Creatures Vet Clinic achieved their goal and became accredited by AAHA. Celtic Creatures is currently the only AAHA accredited clinic, north of Truro, in Nova Scotia.

Continuously updating and impletementing new protocals every inspection, Celtic Creatures has passed AAHA inspections in 2014, 2017 and most recently in September 2022.