We offer a wide range of diagnostic testing for ocular issues. A complete ophthalmic diagnostic examination involves a schirmer tear test, flurorosceine eye staining, checking intra-occular pressures and a fundic exam.

The schirmer tear test measures tear production. Over or under production of tears can be both a symptom or a cause of eye problems.

Flurosceince eye staining allows the vet to visualize any scratches or lesions on the cornea.

Checking intra-occular pressures allows for us to check for developing glaucoma. To do this the vet will need to freeze your pet’s eye with a mild local anesthetic and dilate their pupils.

Finally the vet completes a fundic examination of the retina and the optic nerve. This allows for checking the health of both the retina and optic nerve as well as take a closer look inside your pets eyes.

For further information on our ophthalmic testing, please give us a call.