Thermal Support

Thermal Support (intra and peri operative)


Here at Celtic Creatures we have two different types of thermal support for our patients.  The importance when keeping patients warm or re-heating cold patients is to warm them at the right speed (not too fast or too slow). Some types of thermal support can get a little too warm for the patients and cause anywhere from discomfort to burns. Both of our thermal support devices are designed to provide a higher level of heat without causing discomfort or burns to the patient.

We have a circulating hot water blanket and a WarmTouch Convective Warming Unit.  The circulating hot water blanket is designed to continuously circulate and re-heat the water within the blanket so as it maintains an optimal temperature across the blanket, ensuring the patient is evenly and consistently heated.

The WarmTouch Convective Warming Unit is a device that blows warmed air onto the patient. When paired with a blanket to keep the heat confined to the patient, this device works very well and quickly brings a patients temperature up to a safe and healthy level.