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Blood Pressure Readings/Monitoring

We offer two types of blood pressure testing, Doppler assisted and oscillometric. Oscillometric is a type of blood pressure reading done by our anesthetic monitor and is measured entirely by the monitor. Doppler assisted blood pressure readings are done manually by a Register Veterinary Technician using a Doppler to listen to the pulse of a patient and manually inflate a blood pressure cuff.

Blood pressure monitoring is essential for any anesthesia or prolonged sedation. Having adequate blood pressure is key to keeping blood flowing to the internal organs and keeping them healthy. Sometimes when under general anesthesia a patient can have a decreased blood pressure as a side effect of the medications used. We monitor blood pressure so that in the event blood pressure starts to drop during a procedure, we can take early steps to correct the issue with IV-fluids and/or medication where necessary.

Blood pressure readings can be used to help in a variety of emergencies as well as chronic disease monitoring. Blood pressure is also especially important in determining the staging of kidney disease .