Dental Prophylaxis and Surgery

Dental prophylaxis and surgery


Just as we require regular dental care, so do our pets in order to maintain overall health. Dental disease causes pain in the oral cavity and may also cause other systemic problems if left unchecked. The most common condition seen in general veterinary practice in dogs and cats is periodontal disease. Routine and consistent dental care will allow your pet to do the following:

  • Live longer! Periodontal disease if left untreated can lead to infection in the kidneys, liver and heart. This leads to a decrease in your pet’s life span.
  • Be more pleasant to live with! Pets should not have offensive breath. Animals with gingivitis or periodontitis have bad breath (halitosis) because of bacteria attached where the teeth meet the gums. With proper treatment these bacteria can be removed and with daily home care the disease can be prevented.
  • Avoid dental discomfort. Dental disease causes pain. Your pet’s dental nerve supplies are the same as ours. Because of their stoic nature, many animals will not manifest pain other than behavioral changes and general health. If you’ve ever had sore teeth then you can imagine how uncomfortable it must be for your pet to have dental disease levels of magnitude worse than most people ever develop.

Remember that dental care starts with you, the owner! With proper preventive home care, dental disease can be avoided. Daily tooth brushing, dental chews, proper toys and dental diets are all ways to maintain your pet’s oral health. Ask us about tooth brushing demos, dental prescription diets and dental treats. Regular dental cleanings are also recommended to maintain your pet’s health.

Check out our Dental Walkthrough to see step by step examples of how a dental procedure is done at Celtic Creatures Vet Clinic!


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