What are IV Fluids?

  • All of our patients undergoing general anesthesia have intra-venous (IV) fluids for the procedure. IV Fluids are a fluid replacement with added electrolytes to insure the patient’s blood levels and chemistries are where they should be.


Why would I want IV Fluids on my pet?

  • IV Fluids are important for two reasons. Maintaining quick intra-venous access and for continued fluid support.
  • Fluid support is important to keep a patient’s blood pressure at a safe level. Sometimes when given sedation a patient can have low blood pressure which can lead to many issues but most importantly, long term kidney damage. Having IV fluids on a patient allows the RVT to adjust the fluid amount to compensate for lower or higher blood pressure as needed.
  • Having intra-venous access is important for any procedure as it allows for immediate treatment with medications. These medications can range from additional pain medication to antibiotics to life saving treatments.